Compliment our coffee cart hire or coffee trailer hire service for your event with our food catering options!

We have a great variety of pastries and muffins, donuts or cookies. Our clients always enjoyed the delicious catering we provide to go with coffees, teas or other hot drinks. Coffee and food catering package makes organising your event simple! We come to your venue, set up everything and service your guests with food and drinks. After service, we pack up everything and tidy up our set up area. Our clients regularly compliment on how our service is so organised, their guests so impressed and satisfied with our products and services.

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Pastries with muffins packages start from $255 for 90 assorted mini pastries and mini muffins. Packages include assorted mini croissants (plain, chocolate), assorted mini danishes (apricot, cherry and apple spiced) and assorted mini muffins (blueberry, raspberry, pear chocolate, apple crumble). Optional choices are mini almond croissants, mini escargots and mini pistachio torsades.

Donuts packages start from $550 for 180 assorted donuts. Flavours are jam, Nutella and salted caramel. Optional flavours are custard and cinnamon.

Cookies packages start from $125 for 150 assorted cookies. Flavours are shortbread, chocolate chip and brandy snap.

    Catering packages includes:
  • Table set up with black linen
  • Food serving ware
  • Serving utensils
  • Napkins
  • Pack up at end of service

Submit your event details on our enquiry form and we will customise a quote to suit your event needs.

Info on our coffee catering service on Coffee Cart Hire for a detailed info on what we provide for our coffee cart hire or coffee trailer hire.

See photos of our previous events we have catered for our clients in Melbourne & regional Victoria.

Prices are per day and exclusive of GST. An invoice with delivery time confirmation will be emailed for your approval. Some items flavours are seasonal and can only be confirmed upon ordering.

Payment & refund policy:
Full payment is required 5 business days prior to delivery date. Cancellations made more than 3 business days prior to delivery date will be refunded 50% of total invoice. No refund is given if the cancellation is made within 3 business days prior to delivery date. All cancellations must be via email. Payment can be made by bank account deposit or credit card (approx. 3% fee applies).