Mobile Coffee with Barista Hire and Catering FAQ - Violet Cafe

What coffee beans do you use?

Violet Cafe uses Di Bella coffee. It is full body and smooth, perfect by itself i.e. short black or in milk based drinks i.e. latte.

What is the power & water requirements you need for the mobile coffee service?

We need 10 amp or 15 amp power. 15 amp power is preferred for a large event so we can produce the drinks faster. If no power is available for an outdoor event, we can bring a generator with additional cost (outdoor events only).
We bring our own water supplies. We only need access to water on site for a full day event so we can refill our water tank on the day.

How many cups do I need for my event?

For a few hours event, we recommend a minimum of 1.5 x no. of guests to allow some guests to come back for a second drink. For a full day event, a minimum of 2.5 x no. of guests is recommended.

How many coffees can your coffee cart / coffee trailer make per hour?

Our standard coffee cart and coffee trailer can produce up to 100 cups per hour. The small coffee cart can produce up to 60 cups per hour.

What range of drinks can you provide?

For hot drinks, we can make any cafe style hot drinks of coffee (i.e. flat white, latte), hot chocolate, chai latte, tea and baby cino. We provide milk choices of full cream, skinny and soy. We use Di Bella coffee which is strong and smooth, great for any style of coffees.
Our cold drinks range are Coke, Sprite and bottled water.

Do you need an undercover area for coffee cart hire for outdoor event if the weather is good?

We need undercover or we can bring a marquee with additional cost.
This is because the weather can change on the day and our coffee cart cannot be moved without packing it all up. Our marquee is of commercial grade which can handle moderate wind and rain.

Can you go outside Melbourne for coffee catering service?

We can go to any location in Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Phillip Island, Mornington Peninsula and regional Victoria. Bookings located more than 20 km outside Melbourne CBD may incur a travel levy to cover barista extra time and fuel costs.

Do you accept last minute booking on coffee catering service?

Yes, we do. Please call us on 0425 755 957 to check if we are available and to discuss your event needs. We can then send you a tax invoice and you can make payment online by credit card. This payment is through PayPal service so PayPal fee of approx. 3% applies.
We recommend to book us early to ensure we are available on your event day and time.

Can you use our company branded cups?

Yes, we can. The cups you provide need to be of 8 oz (250 ml) size.

Can your staff wear our company / sponsor branded uniforms?

We can wear your branded t-shirts, aprons and caps for the event.

How long does it take for you to set up and pack up?

For coffee trailer hire, set up and pack up each takes about 1 hour. For coffee cart hire, it takes approx. 1 hour 15 mins to set up and approx. 1 hour 30 mins to pack up. Additional set up and pack up times are needed for medium to large events. If a marquee is needed, it takes additional 30 mins for set up and pack up.
For catering, it takes 15-30 minutes of set up and pack up, depending on the catering size.

Do you accept credit card payments?

We recommend payments by bank transfer or in-person bank deposit at any Bankwest branch as there is no additional fees.
However, we can accept credit card payments with additional PayPal fee of approx. 3%. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Let us know if you are paying by credit card so we can invoice you via PayPal. You can then pay with your credit card online without having a PayPal account.

Do you hire coffee machine, coffee cart or coffee trailer only (without barista)?

No, all equipment hire comes with our own barista.

What does it mean by no. of cups in the hours of service for the coffee catering service?

The service finishes when the no. of cups has been reached or the hours of service is reached. Customers can extend the hours of service and/or get additional cups for additional cost. Extending the hours is subject to our availability as we may have another booked event after yours. Adding more cups is subject to the amount of supplies we have left i.e. fresh milk, cups. Payment is only by cash, at the end of service. A tax receipt will be provided to you.

Contact us to get a quote on having our coffee service for your event. We can also organise catering to go with our hot drinks for your guests.